15 december 2018
De nieuwe songA WINTER’S TALE’ is o.a. te beluisteren via SOUNDCLOUD, SPOTIFY, AMAZON, YOUTUBE MUSIC, etc.

Rob Koning - A Winter's Tale

Dit korte  instrumentale nummer heb ik geschreven en opgenomen begin december en geeft voor mij het melancholieke gevoel weer van de winter, de kou, kerstmis…..

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© 2018 written, composed and recorded by R. Koning.
All instruments, sounds, grapic design & photo’s by R. Koning.
Credit notes: In this production i used (and remixed) some parts of the following freesound.com samples: ‘snow walking quiet‘ made by MDRivet, ‘seaugull on beach‘ made by squashy555, ‘Crow‘ made by nigelcoop.

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